SFI Fashion Intl.

P.O. Box


Switzerland / Europe

Phone +41 - 62 - 530 18 16

You'll find an order form at the bottom of each single page !

Prices are stated in Swissfrancs CHF

Exchange rates for 1 CHF ~ 1.13 US$ or 0.80 EURO or 0.70 £


closed toe

genuine leather

peep toe

genuine leather

open toe

genuine leather

with anklestraps

genuine leather

L511s.jpg (14500 Byte)
with T-bar or straps

genuine leather

Platform Styles Page 1

6" to 7.5" heels (some in genuine leather)

Platform Styles Page 2

PVC 6" heels

T101111s.jpg (14701 Byte)
Platform Styles Page 3

wooden heels and platform

(some padded)

TIsabel2as.jpg (11411 Byte)
Platform Styles Page 4

wooden heels and platforms

TRocky1s.jpg (14311 Byte)
Platform Styles Page 5

with mini-platforms and 6" heels

J63809s.jpg (9258 Byte)
Platform Styles Page 6

PVC with 6"=15¼cm heels

J29058s.jpg (5770 Byte)
Platform Styles Page 7

PVC with 7"=17.8cm heels

J64739s.jpg (6659 Byte)


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